1 = display, display screen, screen, window, viewing screen, video display.
Ex. The number of documents indexed by each of the cross-reference terms is shown on the right side of the display.
Ex. A terminal consists of a display screen and a keyboard.
Ex. An online terminal may comprise either a printer, or a visual display unit with a screen, or both a visual display unit and a printer.
Ex. In the Search Section window, we start by entering the cited author's name.
Ex. The legibility of characters, the characteristics of the viewing screen, the annotation and indexing of the contents and the degree of user control over these all seem to affect the acceptability of microforms to a significant extent.
Ex. Microforms can be read by means of optically magnifying reading devices, or by equipment which presents the magnified image on a video display.
* acceso directo en pantalla = online access.
* adaptar para la pantalla = adapt to + the screen.
* ayuda en pantalla = aid page.
* barra en vídeo inverso de selección en pantalla = highlighting bar.
* bola para el control del cursor en pantalla = trackball.
* brillo intenso de la pantalla = screen glare.
* captura de pantalla = screen shot [screen-shot], screen capture.
* de pantalla completa = full-screen.
* desplazar el cursor en pantalla pulsando la tecla de tabulación = tab over to.
* desplazarse en pantalla = scroll.
* diseño de pantalla = skin.
* editor de pantalla = screen editor.
* en la pantalla = screen-based.
* en pantalla = on-screen, on view.
* filtro de pantalla = screen filter.
* formato de presentación en pantalla = display format, screen display format.
* gran pantalla de televisión = large-screen television.
* imagen de pantalla = screen shot [screen-shot].
* menú en pantalla = menu screen.
* monitor de pantalla plana = flat-screen monitor, flatscreen display.
* mostrar en pantalla = display + on screen, screen.
* pantalla de ayuda = help screen.
* Pantalla de Bienvenida = Welcome Screen.
* pantalla de Configuración de Opciones = Setup Options screen.
* pantalla de cristal líquido = LCD [liquid crystal display].
* pantalla de información = frame, screen display.
* pantalla de información breve = short information display, short information screen.
* pantalla de información completa = full information display, full information screen.
* pantalla del monitor = VDU screen.
* pantalla de plasma = plasma screen.
* pantalla de préstamo = charge-out screen.
* pantalla de referencias = reference display.
* pantalla de resumen de nombres = name summary screen.
* pantalla de televisión = television screen, TV screen.
* pantalla de televisión de plasma = plasma television screen.
* pantalla de televisión plana = flat television screen, flat TV screen.
* pantalla de títulos = title display.
* pantalla de vídeo = video screen.
* pantalla gráfica = graphics screen.
* pantalla plana = flat screen [flatscreen].
* pantalla-portada = title screen.
* pantalla resumen = summary screen.
* pantalla resumen del documento = document summary screen.
* pantalla resumen de notas = note summary screen.
* pantalla sensible al tacto = touch screen [touch-screen], touch-sensitive screen.
* pantalla susceptible al calor = sensitive screen.
* pasar la pantalla = scroll.
* pegado a la pantalla = riveted to the screen.
* posible de ser visto en pantalla = displayable.
* presentación en pantalla = display, online display.
* presentar en pantalla = call up, print + online, bring up, screen.
* protector de pantalla = screensaver.
* realidad virtual en pantalla grande = big-screen reality.
* registro de las pantallas consultadas = screen log.
* seleccionar en pantalla usando el contraste de colores = highlight.
* tecla de borrado de pantalla = CLEAR key.
* televisión de pantalla de plasma = plasma screen television, plasma screen TV.
* televisión de pantalla plana = flat-screen television.
* televisión de pantalla plana = flat-screen TV.
* terminal con pantalla sensible al tacto = touch terminal.
* ver en pantalla = scroll.
* violencia en la pantalla = screen violence.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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